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Geplaatst door: krijvenaar in Lobby-praktijk

The American League of Lobbyists is the preeminent national organization that represents government relations and public affairs professionals. Our mission is to “enhance the development of professionalism, competence and high ethical standards for advocates in the public policy arena, and to collectively address challenges which affect the First Amendment right to petition the government for redress of grievances.”

As professional lobbyists, we perform a tremendously important service not only to our employers and clients but also to the public at large, in an ethical, legal and Constitutional manner. ALL members adhere to a principled Code of Ethics that focuses on promoting the highest level of ethical lobbying in the country. Additionally, the League stresses the importance of continued education of the lobbying community by promoting the Lobbying Certificate Program which helps those of all skill levels improve their knowledge of the legislative process and lobbying profession.

The American League of Lobbyists believes that through transparency, continued ethical representation and a strong educational campaign, we will help Americans understand the critical roles that lobbyists play in our society. The right to petition the government is central to ensuring that this country will always be one of the people, by the people and for the people and lobbyists help convey that message.