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public affairs survey 2013

Geplaatst door: krijvenaar in Lobby-praktijk, varia

Three months ahead of the federal election in September 2013, public affairs professionals in Germany were preparing for a Grand Coalition between Angela Merkel’s CDU/CSU and the opposition Social Democrats. This statement is one of the key results of MSL Germany’s Annual Public Affairs Survey 2013.

For the twelfth consecutive year, MSL Germany interviewed more than 300 public affairs professionals from leading companies and industry federations, with over sixty replies being received.“At the end of this legislative period, we asked public affairs professionals in Germany to review the government’s record, track the latest trends inpolitical communications and venture educated guesses about key future developments”, says Axel Wallrabenstein, chairman.“While the results are not representative given the relatively small number of public affairs professionals, they are highly instructive – and indicative of the perceptions and priorities of key actors in the public affairs sector in Germany.“ This document provides a summary of the most important results.

Source: MSL Germany